About us


The owner and founder of Kayotics, Shervin Rankin, is a Caymanian who breaks the mold of your typical Island son. He grew up in a blue-collar home, which led him to be very creative! He was always involved with sports, primarily football (soccer for you North Americans) and later Volleyball. His love for sports led him to a scholarship in Volleyball with an American college where he studied and graduated with a bachelors in Business Administration. He returned to Cayman and got a job with a local off-shore banking financial institution as a Corporate Officer. In 2008, after eight years in this position, as he was always excited about the idea of the Acqua Lounge Table he decided to bite the bullet and leave his full time job and venture into the realm of self employment. Shervin feels that designing and building from a simple idea to a well built completed project is challenging, greatly fulfilling and he continues to get excited about inventing new and innovative outdoor luxury furniture.




At Kayotics we will custom design furniture to suit your needs.